Cannot deliver wood on Hardcore

Can anyone help me? I played this game on PC a couple years ago now bought it for PS4. On hardcore I can only load about 13 logs but after that when I spawn another log it only gives me one but then takes one away from my trailer. I tried delivering what I had but it says no load. I have tried small and medium logs and used the c-255 and the c-275 i think is what they were but no difference. Also how do you load using the loader?

Hmm look maybe you forgot that Spintires and Mudrunner are simplified and all you need to do is load for example 4 medium logs and go into advanced mode and click on one of green small circles on any log to make auto fill.
They need to be positioned in proper way and with trailer/carriage properly leveled.
I dont like this mechanics and I admire how Farming simulator had it done. But well we take what we get right? 🙂

Play the "Crane Operator" challenge, it teaches you how to load logs. You don't need 13 logs, you need 3 for medium, 2 for long and 4 for short load.

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