Механическая коробка передач!!!Где?(manual transmission gearbox )

Необходимо добавить механическую(мануальную) коробку передач.И вернуть прежние настройки!!!

<ReverseGear Крутящий Момент="145722" AngVelMin="-5.3" AngVelOpt="2.65" AngVelMax="6.05" MaxDeltaAngVel="0.1" />
<HighGear Крутящий Момент="214456" AngVelMin="-3.6" AngVelOpt="1.8" AngVelMax="4.11" MaxDeltaAngVel="0.1" />
<Шестерни Крутящий Момент="258381" AngVelMin="-2.99" AngVelOpt="1.49" AngVelMax="3.41" AutoNextLinVel="1.21" MaxDeltaAngVel="0.1" />
<Шестерни Крутящий Момент="176161" AngVelMin="0.55" AngVelOpt="2.19" AngVelMax="5.01" AutoNextLinVel="1.76" MaxDeltaAngVel="0.05" />
и т. д. и т. д

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It sucks bad that gears are only max speed capable but no damn torque. So player needs only to roll vehicle on 1st gear then switch to 5 or highest gear to accelerate to top speed way faster than changing gears in order 😕
That is real shame. I see in files it is very simplified so it confirms my concerns about simplicity of gears in Mudrunner 😕

@cosm1c-gam3r Поэтому необходимо вернуть прежний код!
+manual transmission

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I dont use Russian language. So I have no clue what you replied to me 🙂

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