Headlights in Multiplayer

I don't know how you guys think about that, but that there are no lights and sounds for the other player cars just kinda ruins everything

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Ya im not getting the game till they fix that, the client side mud is pretty dumb 2, although the mud being client is abit understandable.. still though.

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There is the horn sound though, at least something.

That and "work lights" desperately need to be added. Its impossible to get stuff done at night.

Please sync the lights, work would be easier if other drivers could illuminate your way !!!!

I think MP mud "sync" could be complicated to do properly, light and sounds should be relatively easy to implement tho.

+1 from me. Focus & Sabre please make MP lights and sounds happen.

This question has been asked since the game was announced and it is one of the first things we would like to have in this new version.
They said we should not even hope about it at this moment.
I don't know why they can't synchronize these simples parts like lights, sounds. All the games that I know are synchronized in multiplayer.

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