K-700 Fender Mud Glitch

drive the k-700 in the mud, causes the mud to CLIP through the fenders, it really looks bad.

@darknothin Always been like this, but agreed, really annoying.

Changing that would mean a great overhaul for the engine. I don't think it can be fixed that easily... Most games have these problems with stuff and special details/effects clipping, from some small models to particles, which this game has collision for most. But some branches, the mud, etc. don't. Unless it's the floor it will clip 'cos it's not programmed to detect the fender as a part of the model collision. Polishing those small details would take a lot of man hours I suppose, for what info I've gathered throughout the years of gaming xP

Immersion in this game is in thanks to small details tho, so it'd benefit a lot from polishing some more nitpicky stuff like this. So, good idea all in all. But I guess we all omitted that thanks to games' nature to have some clipping and small bugs. It's 2017 still, we ain't that far technologically yet 3:

Maybe in the next spintires from 2020 x3 (that'd be awesome :D)

@filia ahain what are you talking about?!
It is easy to set on vehicle fender point in which all that mud chunks are deleted like they are deleted in the water! It is not require that technology advance by damn few years!

@cosm1c-gam3r Would it look good it disappearing entirely? In the water maybe, the wheel's hidden under it so you'll not see it disappearing. But in the fender's case?

Does it look good when something disappears in front of you in any game? I prefer clipping over that really. At least it's a problem all games have in common.

If it's something personal with me then say it

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God, what's going on here? 😼

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Guys, both of you, this is seriously out of tolerance.
Can any of you tell me, HOW it helps to call somebody else in here with these names?

I was civilized towards this kid (I bet he is a kid) and he started to insult me. One of his posts was very offensive. He should get strike for that. His behaviour is very childish. I cannot take such insults.

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Hi guys, thanks to stay respectful on this forum. Please read the forum rules. This applies to both @cosm1c-gam3r and @Filia. Have a nice day.

@cosm1c-gam3r When you learn to treat people respectfully I'll do the same. Act hostile once, I'll never speak kind to you again, "kid".

If you don't like it, fine. Never asked your opinion, like, really. You could have disagreed and stated why. That was fine by me, we could've had a nice exchange of ideas. It's not like this is my first time in a forum.

Instead you treat me like I know nothing and you got the all the truth. I know a damaged ego when I see it, once you realized what I said had sense...

You said everything like you're entitled and I got no opinion and it doesn't matter? And I gotta turn the other cheek so you can feel fine? is that how it works with you? Uh-huh, nope.

Now you can consider this settled.

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@sodoma Oh no problem I'll send to you a pic of the next message he wrote after this happened. You'll see the side I saw in him before he said the 1st insult. I saw it coming. Sorry if you thought he was kind and I was the villain here...

Arrogant people are really transparent if you know what to look out for

And of course I want to see him suspended or something. This was settled until I saw the PM.

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