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So, I was messing around and I've noticed a few people using "formatting" I didn't know I could apply

I'm not sure what sort of coding this is

Here are some examples-- to see them just click quote, and it'll show you my characters.


  • bullet

heading 1

heading 2

was going to report some spam earlier and saw that i could not because not enough rep. so i looked and noticed there are a couple features turned off for the forums (personal voted up/down for posts and best post) . wonder if they will eventually turn them back on.

Community Manager

Reputation is disabled on the forum. No plan to put it back for now. The reputation requested to flag a post is a bug. There shouldn't be any reputation required.

well i messaged lyagovos about the spam thread and asked about the rep thing. he was going to look into it, but no word on if they will implement or not.

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