Floating rocks and unpredictable terrain levels

Hi There,

I am playing around with the editor and when I render the geometry that I painted it is never anywhere near what I have expect. It is usually much lower, or has random spikes.

In addition there is a layer of rocks floating around in the air just above the surface that don't seem to go away.

Would love to know how to be able to create reliable height maps to then apply mud, water, roads etc to as these mechanics seem to work well.

Any assistance most appreciated.



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You must right click and rebuild visible ( or rebuild selection )
for small areas
and rebuild terrain for complete map rebuilding

This does still not produce a reliable conversion of what i painted with the geometry brush. Thanks

you have to turn off your steam overlay

Thank you SOOOO MUCH @WrenchinMonkey!!!! This works perfectly!

Rebuilding Terrain works, everything works!

Let the editting begin!!

(For anyone that doesn't know you can right click the tool in the Steam Library and disable it for any specific tool / game in the preferences)

no problem...good luck with your map

I also honestly had no idea about the steam overlay thing. I was beyond frustrated and gave up on trying to make a map. Tried without overlay and bingo!

I also remember this happening in the old editor, had the flattening tool been fixed?

I have not had any problems with flatten, just need to be gentle.

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