Okay okay it's a feature request: Screen caps from multiplayers

I'm probably at around 80hrs of multiplayer in the old Spintires and really looking forward to trying out mp in the new one - one thing that happens pretty regularly during multi player games is someone saying "oh wow, you'll never guess what's happened to me"... unfortunately the easiest way to find out what's happened to them is for them to take a photo of the screen with their phone and send you it. It'd be really cool if they could hit some sort of "share screenshot" button - perhaps their avatar could change to be the screen shot, and clicking on it would maximise it?

Now what would be really cool would be to get rid of the avatars and constantly have a little live stream of what the rest of the people are looking at. But I realise that's a bit more complicated. 🙂

Community Moderator - Spintires

In game "Portal 2" there was function for sharing screen entirely. Just in the corner of your screen was small picture of what your co-playser see. Not just pictures, live video. However that game was just for two players, so it was easy to manage who share from whom. In here it could be more difficult to manage, but should be possible.
Sometimes just picture share could be VERY usefull 🙂

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