How to set up custom tire friction/ weight/ softness

Please don't think I'm obsessed with tires but I think they are very importand when you want to go offroad so I like to mess around with it ^^
In the old Spintires the friction on hard and soft surfaces was hardcoded, you couldn't change it unless with the help of mods like Spintires Plus.
On the first look, friction in MR seemed to be hardcoded as well- but it isn't!
You can find the parameters in -> _templates -> trucks.xml

<Stiff RadiusOffset="0.015" SoftForceScale="0.32" />
<Soft RadiusOffset="0.03" SoftForceScale="0.12" />
<Average RadiusOffset="0.025" SoftForceScale="0.24" />
<Offroad BodyFriction="1.0" SubstanceFriction="1.2" />
<Highway BodyFriction="1.5" SubstanceFriction="0.5" />
<Default BodyFriction="1.25" SubstanceFriction="0.75" />
<Superheavy Mass="600" />
<Medium Mass="100" />
<Light Mass="50" />
<Heavy Mass="200" />

The best, you can exchange the keywords in the NameOfYourWheel.xml with the numeric values:

<_templates Include="trucks" />
<WheelSoftness _template="Soft" />
<WheelFriction BodyFriction="3.0" SubstanceFriction="2.2" />

(BodyFriction= hard surfaces; SubstanceFriction= soft/muddy surfaces)
In this example, I only changed the friction but you can change mass and softness as well.
I'm very happy to have this back in the game- now we just need back the option to set up different sets of wheels for the trucks.
It just seems to me that the friction does not have the same influence on the fuel consumption as it used to have in ST?!

Thanks for that explanation.

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