Idea and reasoning for a free play mode

So, the game has been more fun then I've ever had in 3 years in online play. However, it seems completing maps and objectives is pretty quick in multiplayer and solo. So I think it's be great to have a more where there's no real objective, no limit on balance points, etc etc.

Just a mode for x amount of people to bring whatever vehicle they want and muck around in what seams to be the true spirit of the game: mud running! There could even be options for the creator of the lobby to limit the vehicle selection to one specific vehicle or a couple vehicles only, or run what your brung where everyone can choose whatever they want. I think there could be a lot of possibilities to a mode like this.

I agree. There should be many options to tweak like basic, how much point is needed to fill the objective. For example set it to 16 for each objective spot or even set it for each separately for example easier objective 32 and for harder 24.
Also starting vehicle set restrictions and on map vehicles.
If there would be dynamic weather then also setting for weather like random or set it for rain only which would make any map way harder.

Totally agree. Something I forgot to put in my post is turn off fuel and damage as well. Basically a game mode where you choose the parameters. Make the game how you want and have the fun that you choose to have.

+1 A proper limitless freemode would be nice.

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