Refuel Truck bug (pc)

Hi, its a minor bug but when you play in-cab view, when you want to refuel your truck at the fueling station you have to put your camera outside the truck, it don't refuel when you are in-cab view.

That's not a bug O.o just use the 3rd person to refuel and then go back to the cockpit view. It's not so hard. 10 years ago was harder to do anything in a game, believe me xD

@filia Are you serious now?
Because if game is simplified and not requiring us to exit vehicle with true 3d model and refuel our vehicle then why camera possition makes any difference to game. I call it game bug.

This post is deleted!

@cosm1c-gam3r Are you sure you're making any sense in that sentence? lmao

@filia exactly question for you and your first comment. LOL what an irony.

Agreed. What makes you think this is working as intended, @Filia? It's not game breaking for me if this is intended, but I do wish all of the floating menus could be used from cockpit cam.

@CoSm1c-gAm3r Missing feature, not a bug. What I said is, go to the 3rd person and do it dammit. Is it so hard?

This kids these days... Where's the part when I don't make sense?

Learn to write, then try having an adult discussion, period.

@filia I will now seek if there is option to ignore such tu*ds like you so I will not see your dumb responses anymore.

Back to bug. @K-Lisse you are right. I checked it myself and truck in cockpit view don't work. I had to enable outside view to refuel. That is just weird. I dont like refueling mechanics in this game. It takes 0.000001 second to refill fuel tank but it takes just little more to refill damn cistern!!! And if player can magically refill fuel then why it is restricting him to have that magic while in cabin view?!?! Pure weirdness!

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Its probably because cabin view was added later and it works differently in many other ways.
Its doesn't "float", it is fitted. Also garage doesn't work with it. Camera movement are different.
I personally feel it like MOD, just done by DEVs...

@cosm1c-gam3r Go play something 2007 or older, see if you can win any game in easy.

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