How to get logg

Hello ! i am new to spintires and i just bought Mud runner, but i cant figure out how to get loggs on to my trailer ?
I play it on PS4.

If its like on pc, if you play on casual just go at a kiosk and selct the good size of log for the carriage you have (short, medium or long) and double click on it. If you play on hardore mod you need a crane on your truck or another or the K-700 with the grab , do the same thing go to a kiosk double click on the good size of log you need (short, medium or long) and put it manually on the truck (4 short, 3 medium or 2 long its all you need) after enter in advanced mode and click on the green dot in the center of the log, if your not correcly positionned it gonna have a red arrow to let you know where you need to move your trailer to be in a good position and re-try to click on the green dot, when your ok the load gonna apear, et voilĂ  magie.

Kiosk ??? i cant find a kiosk in my game, i play in singel mode.

Me to I play in single player and normally you are supposed to have 5 things on the map; fuel station, Mills, log kiosk, garage and the trucks. You load the logs to the kiosk and you go to the Mills for the objectif.

Thanks for the answers 🙂 i have to search for the kiosk.

![0_1509847007919_20171104214745_1.jpg](Uploading 100%)

oops its not work, i want to show you a screenshot of the map with log kiosk, sorry its don't work.

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