Flashing Green Tinted Screen When Running SLI

In the past this game has not supported SLI though the capability was added to Unreal 4 in February. In the past the game ran well for me. Like other non-SLI titles, Deathwing simply ignored the second card. This bug appeared in the last few days while I was in the closed beta. I deleted the beta and the game and reinstalled the standard Steam version. The bug persisted. The screen has a flashing green tint overlaying it and I can still see the screen and the menu. If I have SLI enabled in my system natively the bug appears. If I go into the Nvidia Control Panel and disable SLI the game runs as before in a normal fashin. If I re-enable SLI, the game begins the green screen flashing. I am running two Asus Rog Strix GTX 1080ti cards on an Asus Formula IX motherboard with 64GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR4 and a Kaby Lake 4.2GHz unlocked Processor. I tried to upload my zipped DXDIAG file but it tells me that the file type is invalid and I receive the same dialogue as if I were trying to use the image upload.[0_1509654045367_DxDiag.zip](Uploading 100%)

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Some further information. The bug appears when SLI is enabled and I am connected to any screen and at any resolution. If I capture footage using Nvidia's Shadowplay, even though the green flashing is on my screen at the time, the captured footage looks normal with no hint of an issue.