High ping multiplayer ?

My brother lives three miles away yet when we are playing multiplayer our ping is well over 220ms.
Some times it goes into the 300's.

We live in the United States. Is there a way to get our ping lower and the game might run smoother between us. Now we're seeing clipping and the vehicles jumping.

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Hi there!

We're aware of an issue that could be causing your high ping while playing together and are looking into it. While we don't have a fix for you right now, we will let you know once we know more.

Thanks for letting us know.

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No worries thanks for the reply.

Months ago I reported this issue...
Any recent updates ? I'm still having the ping issue with players that are both in and outside of my region.

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Hi there,

Yes, this should have been fixed in a recent update, are you still encountering said issue after The Valley?

Yes we are. When my friends from overseas join up their ping is in the red. ( +300 )

Still having ping issues...

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Hi, we just got back from the weekend, but we're still looking into this.

What platform are you playing on?

If you are playing on pc you and your friend should begin by testing your connection with something like the following software:
link text
Ping for ten minute two different site for example: google.com
Click on edit then "copy as image"
Open in paint then make a black square on all the ip adress.
Then post the result here with both screen capture with a graph of ten minute time laps.

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Thank you for the replies.
We're on PlayStation pro.
In the United States.

If you have a laptop or a pc in your house try to do this anyway even if the test don't run from the Playstation you have and idea how your conenction is behaving and are able to elminate one factor.
Also your are connected through wifi or LAN(cable).
An other thing who can trouble your gameplay is the load on your internet connection if other people in your house play or watch video,download etc at the same time.

My PlayStation is wired directly to the router verses hooked up over Wi-Fi. I never have any issues with other games or streaming media so I'm doubtful that I have connection issues.

Well that's good start to have your Playstation wired directly,but if there is no test on your hand or your brother or some data collected at some point it's hard to get somewhere,after that you have to wait for support to find something similar to your case 🙂

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