PC : Potential bug with Break Tackle and Kroxigor ??

Hello, I have the Break Tackle competency on my Kroxigor and it seems it is not triggered when I try to dodge from opponents' tackle zone. Each time, I have to perform a standard dodge roll using my AG instead my STR. It fails often. I have my last replay to show that. Is-it a known bug ?

The odds show as an AG roll, but ST is used if it would change the roll. It won't be used if the roll is a 1 or a 6, for example, since the former is a fail regardless and the latter is a pass regardless.

I would like to add that if you do a 6 you have the option to dodge again thanks to break tackle.

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OK, I understand the explanation. But may I propose something :
The Kroxigor tries to dodge using its Agility. If it succeeds, then fine the break tackle ability is not used and it continues its move. If the agility roll fails, then the break tackle ability is used and its result is displayed (whatever is the result !). By doing so, this could prevent the human player from being angry / frustrated because it seems the ability has not been used.

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