Recover to garage? Driver hands? Crane view movable?

Just a few of my observations that a quick browse I couldn't see anyone else mention:

How do you recover to the garage of your choice like before? I was wrecked so close to logs with a garage really close, but it wanted to put me to original garage back at the start of the map...

Due to the controller in menu's issue I can't leave my foot on the clutch in advanced menu as it then jumps all around selections.

In the cockpit view, the drivers hands are usually missing but occasionally pop in and out??

When operating the crane, how can you move the view around like before? It's insanely difficult trying to gauge depth of field on a 2D screen.

No manual winch steer?? Seriously.

I can answer 1 of your question, to move the camera in crane view press 1, the same button to change the angle of camera in 3rd person view, you gonna have the free cam like the old spintires.

Fantastic thanks for that.

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