heres hoping console market is more profitable

on steam, spintires mudrunner didn't even make best seller's list after its debut, and it's been 3 days already. steam has also featured it on the newly released list. still, it seems it won't even beat out garbage like wolfenstein 2, call of duty ww2, or even middle earth shadow of cash grab.

i hope this does not negatively affect future of spintires development. so much potential and right when pavel has the helm.

we need the bat, we need the tracked vehicles technology, we need more visual fidelity, new graphics programming, new gameplay, maps, further mod support, etc, etc

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give it time, the game just released. the original did not sell a million copies the first month even and was out for a bit before it hit the best seller. besides must remember this is a niche game and not some triple A title. then add in that many people still feel burned from the things that happened with the original, so some of them are done with the game as far as they are concerned. there are new players coming into the game, but still boils down to giving it a bit more time.

We need! Is a strange way to say, you want it for free. (not trying to offend you but these Callouts are nonsense)
You want tracked Vehicles so badly? Play WorldOfTanks! Or create one.
Its in no way a Mainstream game like ChildrenOnlineDaycare: WW2, Forza or something else from a BIG Publisher with 1000 of people working on it.

Sorry for the rage but its my humble ONION.

**Hello from Pavel!

So... I've been working on Spintires for maybe 9 years now!

There are a lot of people who helped build and improve this game, from all around the world, some remaining interested in it from the very first versions, and it feels like there is a whole community of Spintires fans - which everyone in our team really value!

We had several releases so far, starting from Havok Physics Innovation contest, then Intel Level Up 2009, Kickstarter version, Spintires Steam released with Oovee, and now Spintires: MudRunner cross-platform release with Focus and Saber!

First of all, I can see some of the players being frustrated about the game being developed in not exactly the direction they would want. A big part of it is that we still have a very small development team so we have to do each small improvement one by one and it takes a long time!

But rest assured, Spintires: MudRunner is much better than its predecessor, and we worked really hard so that it won’t disappoint and will just be a fun and entertaining experience for you! Of course there is always room from improvement, and we will support this game with patches and DLCs, with a big emphasis on modding tools.

Stay positive and stay tuned, best regards!**

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This is awesome to hear. I've been waiting a game that I can just relax and enjoy for a long, long time. Build this here, bring this there is fun.. but I certainly believe it's all about the journey rather than the destination.
Don't let the fast food society influence the way you curtail the game. Don't let the loud few speak for the content many.
Lastly don't just throw content out there for sake of building sales. There will be a solid fan base that supports this game if you support the game. I'll speak for myself, but I'd pay for content to support the development of this game because this game will drawn a community of great people. This game isn't based off competition, violence or war. It's based off teamwork, driver skill and being outdoors. It's only challenge is man against mother nature and the focus is the machines he uses in his battles. I wouldn't mind seeing some tough truck competitions, or maybe even some trials course.. But that's my selfish wonder.
Thank you,
Keep on trucking !

Lead Developer - Spintires MudRunner

Hey guys!
Thats a delightful thread to read! 🙂
I enjoyed comparisons against COD 🙂
And I'm really happy that you are enjoying the game, thats the ultimate purpose of it: to keep it relaxing and make you have some fun with it!
That kind of support is all we need to keep on developing the game, so stay tuned for cool updates!
Thank you!

I am just happy to have this on console. I was waiting for this since the first tech demo. And maybe we will get Mod Support sometime.

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