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After playing through all challenges and first 3 maps in single- and multiplayer, I think the game is a little too easy for "seasoned veterans" who have played the original a lot. Especially if multiplayer has 2-3 good players. Here are some suggestions to make "Hardcore+" or "Super hardcore" etc. mode.

  1. Increase load points required to lumber mill. Maybe even triple from 8 to 24, so the roads get in very bad condition from driving, maybe even forcing to look for alternative routes. Same thing for garages, maybe 8 points instead of current 4. And let's say even 4 points for log stations to be in operation
  2. increase amount of loaded logs needed to pack cart, 6-8 logs of every type.
  3. Realistic winch cable. Do not allow winch cable to pass through truck or trailer body. It reduces winching possibilities if one cannot attach cable to rear of truck and then for example to a tree beside front wheel. I know these winches are very powerful in real life, but maybe reduce winch pulling force a little, if too deep in the mud it won't pull you out.
  4. Tire grip is a fine line between challenging and frustrating, but i think grip could be reduced a bit when tires are sunk in mud. I understand this is a difficult balance issue, and shouldn't be made unrealistic just to be more difficult.
  5. Separate fuel stations for gasoline/diesel. One station of each per map. I believe some of the trucks are gasoline powered in real life, correct fuel would be needed.
  6. Remove watchpoints for revealing map. Map becomes visible where driving, just like now but for a bit wider area around vehicle.
  7. Night should be darker, and truck lights weaker/shorter beam.

I understand some may call it masochist mode, but I believe there are many veterans of old game who would enjoy a more challenging mode than current hardcore.

"Luvli" I'm totally for! Nice ideas unfortunately too hardcore for many players I guess so they will never make into the game. You now the current trend of simplifying and "consolisation" of games.

And also...

As soon as they fix my multiplayer mode, can't find any lobbies and have .stg file error. And they remove that unnecesary hints press this for this pres this for that. I know what I need to press. And I need to repeat the same again. There are way more things that you should be able to set on/off in the menu. Like key hints or x-ray mode you should be also able to bind more keys to whatever you want e.g. loaders.

Totally agree, I don't find hardcore mode hardcore at all. Finished 4 maps now and they have been way too easy.

@armpit said in Hardcore+ mode:

Totally agree, I don't find hardcore mode hardcore at all. Finished 4 maps now and they have been way too easy.

Do the other without ever calling up the Minimap, Forester style (yes, this means truck switching only when close). This is the true hardcore+ mode: unbind your minimap key/button. ;-P

Use the Zil.

Spintires has always been easy if you had mastered it. MudRunner is slightly more difficult, but it still has the opportunity to make your own challenges.

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Rather than separate fuel stations, may be actually limited fuel in stations and garage with option to refill them? Or they have some small refill over time like 200-300 L per day? For that you must to go in some real world's deep ass just to get it. If refill not possible - then chose your truck and route carefully.
That also goes to repair points.

I'm all about loading without "packing" logs, but carriages must have increased grip for logs or may be not if we really go into "hell" mode. I mean that we deliver as much points as we actually load. And then - manually unload all stuff you managed deliver on special kiosk at lumber mill.
Table of points should be like 2-3-4 points for each log respectively and we should get like up to 100 points per objective. 25 long logs, 34 medium and 50 short logs total while in current it is 6 (with overload), 8 and 9 respectively. Just need to increase crane's grip, current multiple log spawn does help a lot.

Map is completely cloacked, watchpoints provide less sight range and neither marked on map nor as black flag (but area remains) in world, but trucks do have increased "sight" for uncloacking.

Tires are fine as they are, I think.

Damage models for trailers and losing supply points when getting damage, so you won't just repair truck or cart from itself. Same damage type goes to trucks and cargo - logs being broken and lost (if my suggested loading system above is implemented), less garage points as truck/trailer degrage etc.

I agree it is damn easy!!!

  1. Remove that damn pathetic red spikes in water! Hardcore is not place for such dumb casual friendly handicaps!

  2. Winch only available for vehicles with actual winch mounted on them! I read Pavel opinion about winch and that virtual hand as he called it. But it can be on casual not in HARDCORE! We need winch only not magic helping hand!

  3. No fuel at garage at all! It is silly to have magic barrier of 200L If I drive away slightly and burn 1L in just 1 sec after initial move (weird!) and I come back and it can give me that 1L for damn eternity then there is no logic that it caps only for 200L We dont need that silly feature in HARDCORE! I have an idea. If we get cistern for example 900L capacity and go to fuel depo and take free fuel (also weird!) then transport it to garage then we could use that 900L! That would make sense. So garage would have limit of fuel we can bring for example 2000L (way to much anyway) so that way garage would be also refueling spot.

  4. Watchpoint vehicle unlocking. WOW is that just me or are vehicles unlocked while unlocking watchtover? WTH?! I dont remember that in Spintires! I had to drive close and unlock them. Now I noticed I can switch to them even If I was not near them instead I unlocked watchpoint. That is ridiculous! Hardcore mode? REALLY?
    It should be not only locked but hidden! We should not see those trucks on map! Only on map viewwhere truck names show we should see mark like this "???" so we would know that there for example 4 extra trucks and they should be randomly spawned at different locations! Let me say again, THIS IS HARDCORE DAMMIT! It should be! And it is casual+ wit this auto unlocking! Just disappointing feature!! Release to consoles should not mean dumbing down game especially HARDCORE mode which is not a hardcore at all now.

If casual is like playground for kids then hardcore in Mudrunner looks only like gym class for teens! RIDICULOUS!!!
Come on it is called damn HARDCORE! Why it is just like casual+ difficulty??????

Truck unlock is also weird. Like c-255 is unlocked from the start making game easier at start. If we would have less powerfull trucks at the beginning then it would be harder.

Forgive me my rant but if I am disappointed at game I get angry and this game is more and more sisappointing 😞
I did not see anyone complaining ever in Spintires that hardcore is to hard so I dont know why it got even easier.

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