Opponent AI Not Playing

Was playing last night (H. Elves vs. Skaven). Great game - finally getting the hang of it and I was one tile away from scoring a touchdown in the next turn. The AI Skaven team ran out of time and didn't make any moves, so the game was essentially stopped. It looks like there is some kind of AI/pathing issue going on where it was just stuck. Very disappointing as I see people noting this same bug for the last couple years on various forums. Also the AI seemed slow the entire game.

Same for me. Just bought the legendary edition on the ps4. Also one tile away from touchdown...The opponents timer just ticked down to 0:00 without them doing anything. Now i've been stuck there for an hour.

Community Manager

Hello, it's a known issue we're investigating. We have managed to reproduce it and are working on a fix.

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