Is there a way to use a second vehicle while my multiplayer buddy is loading my main vehicle. Asking because it takes him 30 minutes to load my truck xD but when I choose alter-vehicle to use, the logs drop through my main truck so I have to sit there and wait..?

Shouldn't he pass the ownership?

We tried that, maybe i'm running into a bug because when I try to pass ownership and leave the truck,it goes grey and logs drop through.. anyone else getting this?

Its an online sync thing. Your 'buddy' can only see the vehicle that you are actively using. I know this can be a little anoying from time to time. I for instance, like to put the jeep on top of a truck and just ride some trails. This looks really stupid in multiplayer, as there is this weird ghost hopping around on my or my friends truck.

Long story short, if you want to decrease the amount of waiting time.... Tell your buddy to start practicing the works of the crane 😉 He'll get used to it.

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