• Problem: Mouse cant be seen. I think its due to using scaling but Im not going to disable scaling every time I want to play. Im using Windows 10.
  • Sometimes is difficult to mark near map edges when you are zoomed out and you have to zoom in to be able to be nearer the edge. Should fix this.
  • Move winch button back to L1 so you can use the camera while winching. The situation in which you want to use the camera while winching is when you are towing-driving another truck.
  • Should include some kind of indicator of the properties of the trucks in the interface. Something like weight, power and consumption indicated by a bar or stars would help.

Game balance

  • When the damage is in the red level it should automatically increase slowly until the car is fully broken. This could be a hardcore feature only or add it to casual too.


  • Make the night a bit more visible. Maybe in the last Spintires it was too visible but right now you cant see anything and it makes the game, more than difficult, VERY annoying and unpleasant.
  • Working mirrors would be very nice for the cabin view.
  • The hands of the driver should more consistent with the steering wheel. A lot of times the hands aren’t moving but the wheel is moving and it kinda ruins the experience.
  • Add rain. Should be relatively easy, just add some rain visual and make that the water in the soil gets the drops animation.
  • Add snow maps


  • Bring back old garage trailer (2 points), the one with the tent.
  • Join the crane support addon with the crane, there is no point in having them separated.
  • Join fireproof exhaust with the tank.
  • Overall, if you can join two addons, do it, it will make it more pleasant to play, specially with mods.