More graphics settings

Hello! For some reason I can not get a stable smooth game, gameplay is stuttering / choppy and the only solution is to reduce the graphics settings to half, but then the game looks worse than the old spintires (whereas the old game runs on my pc just fine on the highest settings + some sweetfx). So I suggest adding even more graphics settings options. I would like to have separate settings of mud, water, grass + vegetation, shadows and lighting quality. Also more AA options and the ability to select anisotropic levels. I would also like the options menu to look more like the old game, instead of the uncomfortable "slider". Regards.

This game runs on a patato PC...
Post your specs.... Make sure spintires is the only process running...
Windows loves to update while you game.

My specs: Core i5, 8GB ram, Radeon RX 560M.
I think my laptop is powerful enough for this game. I just do not understand why gameplay in Mudrunner is stuttering while the spintires run without any problem. Mudrunner works on the same engine and the graphics are the same, there is only a different graphics filter applied + what has been removed from the spintires)
Anyway, more settings would just be useful.

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