Steam overlay problem.

Steam overlay is unuseable when I enter it. When I am trying to click anything I see cursor is flashing. I have to reenter steam overlay few times to be able to use for example web browser. I noticed that when I finally am able to use steam overlay and then move my wheel then mouse click is again unuseable.
I bet game must be tweaked so in menus we would decide if we want to use mouse or gamepads to controll menus and separate default device for in game play.
But if someone chose gamepad to controll menu then game must know when we use steam overlay and switch to mouse!

PC user (master race! 😃 )
g29 main in game controller with xbox360 mounted near it for camera control and crane operations.
g13 gaming keyboard. Other peripherals seen by game but not use at all.
Mouse for menus, advanced mode etc.

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yeah its same for me then game crashes when u alt and tab more i play more i shake my head at how much a mess this game is

Workaround: Before you enter the Steam overlay hit »ESC« for the main menu. After that switch to the Steam overlay. Works perfectly!

This workaround is not making any difference. If I use menu first and it seems to work as intended and nothing is interfeering mouse then just slightly touch wheel or pedals and all problems come back.

Only sollution fr this is center wheel, try to make all pedals not make any imput and then open steam overlay if there is problem click LMB and RMB few times then close steam overlay and open it again and repeat the process untill it will let you use mouse. Make sure that wheel and pedals dont give any imput othervise mouse pointer will flash when you will try to click anything or move over clickable content.
It is annoying bug.

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