Editor bug

Any idea what these mean.

11/04/17 19:19:31> System| refs0 + 1 < 16: failed (c:\dev\sources\spintireslib\TerrainGeomOverlay.h, 71)
11/04/17 19:19:40> System| refs0 > 0: failed (c:\dev\sources\spintireslib\TerrainGeomOverlay.h, 81)

Tearing mah hair out now.
If I click my mouse to do anything I get this constantly to the point I cant use the editor anymore for that level.
Add to this the fact that Mudrunner editor STUFFED up my original Spintires Editor map when I imported.
Old editor, map is now broken.
New editor, imported map is now broken.

I have exactly the same problem. Any ideas on this, please?

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