What can the community do to get mods on console faster

What do the developers need the community to do in order to make console mods a reality as quick as possible. I assume Xbox will be the first to see mods, what can we do to expedite the process, I think I speak for all console players when I say we'll spam Microsoft and Sony to make it happen, I know it's possible farm sim and fallout new Vegas have mods on console as well as other games. So instead of asking if or when I'm asking what do we as the community of gamers need to do to assist the developers in making console mods a reality in the shortest amount of time possible

I'm thinking the same thing too, hopefully its soon and just a matter of time they'd be stupid not too when it'll would help the longevity of the game it's self specially since mods are the only reason why people are still playing the game.

I cant believe we dont have mods for console and i honestly dont think it will ever be a thing for us console players by the way the development team speak about mod support on console. Iused to watch spintires on youtube a grool over the videos feeling all sorry for myself that i couldn't play it so when i found out it was coming to ps4 i thought we were getting something along the lines of what i seen in videos. I was so sad to find out we will only have 19 vehicles. 😞 It will be a good game gone to waste and eventually will be deleted to make more HDD space for other games, the game will just get so boring after a while with just 19 vehicle. Im up for paying a little cash for new vehicles but nothing stupid like £30 for 1 vehicle. Please dont turn your great game into anther forgotten title as no other game like this is available on console. Please Please Please, do add mod support like your other game FS 2017 i loved it and made me play the game way long than i would have if not supported by good number of mods.
As a community what can we do? Send emails or call sony? What is the reason for no mod support? SONY's vetting processing of updates and especially with them being 3rd party? Is it just to much of a headache? Please let us know what we can do. I dont register with forums but i had to make an exception and at least try as i dont want to see this game go to waste. PLEASE!!!

actually its possible to mod the game on ps4...not possible at all for xbox 1 unless its devs like farm sim...i would tell you how but its illegal...look up some videos on how they modded gta v on ps4 and ps3

While I play on PC, I completely understand where you console guys are coming from... Mod support will come, I'm sure, but patience is key. Fallout 4, Skyrim, Farm Simulator, some took a little longer than others but it happened...
Speed or quality, pick one. I'm quite sure the devs and the publisher would far sooner have stable infrastructure in place for you guys rather than shoehorn something half-baked into it just for the sake of expedience and end up causing more issues...
Constant nagging and harping may get you more than you bargain for, given the game hasn't even been officially released for even a week yet...

if you want mods, play pc. console modding is up to sony, microsoft, etc

honestly I think focus plans to do mods they just want to drag out anticipation and extend interest towards the game sorta like gta v they will tell you they aren't planning to do mods now. 1 month later they announce they will be porting mods to console the same way they do on farm sim. another month gos by then they actually release mods they would extend the game life thus bringing in more money not to mentions if someone got the game for console found out there are no mods then see there are mods a month lathe they will possibly rebuy the game

simple business practice

@mexican_420 not trying to be an a-hole but we aren't mad about when its a matter of IF they say in the FAQ that they don't plan on putting mods in "at the moment"

Maybe try this if you have a Pc. (not making fun out of you consoleros but its worth a try)

1: google some examples of modding for ST / MR
2: try to mod on your own (do a model and write the code) or ask a modder for a dummie
3: emulate an xBox / PS, install the Game and find the file u have to replace.

BTW did FS got the mods after the first week? Or Fallout or GTA?
Without Maps there is not really a need for most of the modded Vehicles.
Would love to see TATAs Maps. ❤

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