Let's Get This Ball Rolling.

Hey Bosie here. I never played TT but I did own and play Space Battles, the precursor to BFG many years ago.

I like 40K stuff, but I'm no expert on lore. I used to play 40K TT and had Thousand Sons, Tau, Ultramarines and Necron armies. The the wife came along and decided the display cabinet had better uses. I was big fan of 2nd edition Blood Bowl and currently play BB2.

I enjoy games with giant space ships and robots smashing the snot out of each other. Massive fan of both Starfleet Battles and Starfleet Command: Empires at War.

In BFG:A I tend to play Chaos, but also enjoy the Orks and Imperials. Not a huge fan of the Eldar as I've never been an elf fan, even space elves.

I played Eve Online for around 10 years starting in 2003 and was quite a successful pirate with Veto. Corp and prior to that a mercenary with Reikoku. So I'm quite thick skinned when it comes to insults, as I've had my fair share.

Aside from BFG:A and BB2 I play Factorio and Elite: Dangerous. I'm waiting for Star Citizen to come out, I do own the Cutlass, although I'm worried about what that game is turning into.

I work for my Government, even if I think they are a bunch of tossers, and combined with my 2 kids means I tend to get at most a couple of hours most nights on the PC.

I try to speak with facts, logic and numbers and appreciate being educated. I'm trying to get into streaming games, that way I can pass on what I know and have people give me feedback on how I play. Plus you all need to hear my dulcet tones.

Feel free to abuse my fleet in game.

isnt this a bad way to get the ball rolling? people might start to fear they need to write a complete biography too
since im one of those people im just going to say
hi Ashardalon here
if you see me on the other side of the map, know that death is approaching
your crew will bleed your ships will burn and their souls will go screaming into the warp and there is nothing that will stop me
unless if you warp out, i tend to hold fire then, im nice like that

Several months late but here we go:
Hey guys 1397767230 here, call me 139 if you like.
I'm a closet heretic with an Imperial Fists army that's been collecting dust in my old home since 09.
On a second thought, if I say aloud about the truth of my allegiance, would that still make me a closet heretic?

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