Modding the mods

Who can tell me where to find the active XML files for trucks installed via the Workshop?
I'd like to modify the performance (strictly for personal taste/preference) of Banksy's Chevy 3500 UTV hauler so it's a little more inline with the vanilla trucks, I like the rig and the add-ons and stuff, it's just a tad too aggressive for my taste. I can definitely ask permission from the author, as I've already mentioned this to him but don't want to be all "hey man, you need to tone down your rig the wayI want it." (no intention to re-release unless he's down for it).
Thanks again for any input, much love for a strong community that I'm happy to be a part of!

If your REALLY looking to do that, which I wouldn't suggest, I'd contact the modder himself. Doing something like that, looking for the xml in the workshop files, seems fishy and such and I wouldn't suggest doing it

As stated in the OP, I've already talked to the author about it, but he's got his own life and I wouldn't ask him to take the time to make the modifications just for me if I can do it myself. I understand how hard these folks work on these mods and would never want to try to take any credit for any of their work. Again, it would remain strictly local to MY personal game if I did make any changes unless I had explicit permission from the author to re-release with those modifications...

It's Banks the creator, I'm all for tweaking trucks actually its how you learn how to mod. If it was like spintires you go to steamapps-workshop-content-675010 and you have to find a file called 1187520000 and extract the contents. From there copy and paste the stuff into a media folder I think, you can add me on steam if you like.

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