Next World Cup?

So whats the word on another world cup? I was hearing buzz that they would wait for LE to come out before this came up, but LE is out for a few weeks now and I'm getting anxious over here!

That would be really nice!
Big events like this could really make the game more famous, thus making the player base bigger.
And at some point there would sponsors and more money on the line.
That would be super great.

Allthough I am a part of the comunity for only 2 years, I have the vision that this game could be bigger.
I really hope that we as a comunity and focus can do that in the future.

Madfrog 🙂

It takes time to organize. Stay tuned on social networks in the coming weeks/months 🙂

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Alright Ive been tuned, and its been over a month. Cant we get an early christmas present or something?

Come on mate, they'll announce it when they're ready

lol thanks, helpful reply.