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well because only certain vehicals can hold certain logs it means if a player is really detrmined enogh to load a large log in a trailer thats ment for medium logs i dont mean make it where any log will fit in any trailer i mean make it where the logs dont have to be in a trailer for a sawmill to accept them it should be if you can get the them into the little unloading zone thing it should accept them because in real life all thats what would most likly matter is the log got there not how its transported
XBOX 1 edition

Man I needed to read that 3 times to understand you. Capital letters and punctuation marks are not an option, neither reading text after writing should be.

Regarding your post - yes but it is a game If done so, no one would use anything else than just this method. The way it is done in the game game is simplifacation and balancing being done at the same time. It is not a real problem and I think the system works well. To be honest, personally I'd like to see more logs to load in HC mode like 8 small, 6 medium 4 long, that would gave the idea of filling the trailer in a "proper" way.

If you want a quick solution, use this trick. Take small log crane cart, load 12 logs don't pack them! go to the mill, take out 8, pack - deliver the remaini g 4, retake 4 from the ground repeat until done.

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@mistahk76 Valid argument if you have the skills to do so. (on all the things) xD

@checkmypixel Nothing really that difficult. TBH driving such truck is easier because the loose logs don't count as a load. Yet, Pavel have foreseen that and even loose logs block the post. I haven't checked though but you probably can go with unpacked logs to the post, use the crane to get them to the other side, drive and pack them there. So until I check that's another idea.

@mistahk76 Its nice but u know console players, they want it even easyer and mods. ^^
If they dont count as load (dont add weight) its a lil bit cheaty.

At least they don't seem too (not my fault), anyways it's harder because they might fall anytime if you're not careful... so you gain you lose..

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