Terrain deformation no longer persistent in savegame?

this is something i am pissed about, i play a converted map for several hours, i have nice tracks in the terrain and all is nice and well, but the next day when i load the savegame the map is like i never drive on it before. all the terrain deformation and tracks are gone!?

what gives? what is up with that!? spintires did save this properly, i hope this is a accident of some sort or a bug. that is quiet the downgrade compared to oldtires.

anyone else seen this?

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I noticed that on one map when I had to leave game and got back on it.

i looked at it closer, the deformation is only saved in a certain radius around trucks it seems, something like 30 meters or so.
everything else is gone. if this intentional it is a huge downgrade. this is real bad.

Good thing I played Bog in a single 6-hour session then (four B-130 loads, don't ask), would've sucked to not be able to see my tracks on the swamp any more, they're basically adding the difficulty for the subsequent passes and provide orientation.

I thought about this . Doesnt bother me really . A well made map should have lots of mud anyway .

if we look at oldtires, the "well made maps" usually where light on initial mud and relied on the player to make his own tracks and terrain deformation.
the heavy and liberate use of automatic mud brush is usually to create time sink where you must drive slow or just for optic, like road crossings, water puddles and such stuff.
when a player play a map for several hours in single player and makes nice tracks and deformation, and comes back the next day, load the game and none of it is left and the map looks like new, this breaks immersion and feeling of continuation big time.

i really like or liked mudrunner, but some of these changes make oldtires the superiour product for PC. if you play on console you have no choice, you need to play the downgraded oldtires, but if you on PC you can play oldtires and have the more high res mud and persistent terrain deformation right now.

i am real curious if this will get patched, cause if that stay like that i suspect quiet some ppl go back to oldtires for long singleplayer mod map sessions. in multi games where you finish in one session this is no issue.

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This really bothers me to.

I want the option that every deformation of terrain, every broken tree, every change made by player is saved and never disappeared. So if I "deform" some sand at one end of the map it will be in such a position forever. Of course until the rain is added which softens mud and will make some puddles :))

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I want the option that every deformation of terrain, every broken tree, every change made by player is saved and never disappeared. So if I "deform" some sand at one end of the map it will be in such a position forever. Of course until the rain is added which softens mud and will make some puddles :))


Well, some people want that, and others want "multiplayer saves" which implies small save games that are easy to share (and that can only hold one player's terrain deformations anyway, so might as well hold none).

i talk about single player, i dont rly care about multiplyer saves, i never asked for them and i never would needed that. this is a feature i probably never use and it ruined the single player expirience on long maps for me, and some others it seems.
that is just great i am super pissed. if i would not have 50ish hours on mudrunner by now i would just refund right now, cause that is just bad what they did there. ofcourse noone say anything about that before the release. if i would have know that i wouldnt have bought it in the first place.

this makes me kinda sad.

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@actionjackson Before relase of the game I asked on this forum for a video showing in detail the improvements compared to the old game and they did not show anything like that. Now I know why - because there are no essential improvements (not yet, i hope), instead we got illogical content cuts and... pumpkins (lol)

@actionjackson said in Terrain deformation no longer persistent in savegame?:

that is just great i am super pissed. if i would not have 50ish hours on mudrunner by now i would just refund right now, cause that is just bad what they did there. ofcourse noone say anything about that before the release. if i would have know that i wouldnt have bought it in the first place.

I agree 100% with that, this feature (or bug?) breaks the game for me and is a huge downgrade compared to the old Spintires.


the sad thing is the persons that wanted multiplayer saves are mostly(!) the filthy casuals that play the game for 10 or 20 hours, get bored and leave the game. they are not dedicated enough or skilled enough cause they lack the hours in game to complete even a lousy stock map in one session.

i am short before posting a negative review on steam cause this feels, by now, like a console cash grab to me. on top they open the box of worms that is cockpit view. the hood view in ST was fine, it worked to drive through thick forest where you did not see with the regular camera.

now the box is opened and worms come out, first cockpit view, now that is in but hey mirrors dont work, now we want mirrors. next they want high quality dashboard, windshield whippers, maybe A/C next, Track IR support (lol!?) WTF where is this going? this is not ETS2.

the challenges are a waste of time, no fun, no point, no effort. it feels lazy but this one i can let slip as the community can do nice stuff with it, maybe.
water is overdone, it looks like its wrapped in plastic, the fog is terrible compared to spintires.

i play almost 1700 hours spintires, never asked for anything rly(yes i ask for removal of lock damage!), the game was great and still is, i am glad noone is working on it so it can no longer get ruined by stupid community whining.

but now we got this abomination. i have a positive review for spintires up, as there is nothing wrong with the game, but this one, as said i am short before putting a negative review up cause thats no longer funny. who cares about potential and development, if the thing sucks to begin with, all that is for naught. better have a 3 year old finished product that works instead of this "potential" everyone talks about.


the game has its good points, they are hard to find and you have to look for them but they are there. what they did with hardcore mode is kinda nice, it works out fine on public games.
the block posts are goofy but they work.

before release i refused to join the negative train, they said its all the same and only a cash grab and a scam. i still dont think this is a scam but by now i believe this IS a cash grab. i mean look at it.
in my view this went totally wrong, i will continue to watch this and see where this goes, but i dont think this will go anywhere interesting. the hype will die down, the most vocal group of casual whiners will leave to other games in few weeks till 2 month cause they dont get what they want right away, and the die hard fans probably go back to spintires as it is the superior product as it stands now.

i have a converted map ready for release, but screw that, i dont care anymore, you guys can make your own maps, i just delete the converted thing and leave it be.

man i had to get that off my system, better i dump it here and ppl think i am crazy than carrying that around with me.

a fine day to you gentleman.

Do you really think anyone cares about PC?`
From latest Ubisoft sales:

Back in the days, when Pavel was coding this for PC and released with Oovee, it was a dedicated PC simulation. Now, with a FH running the show, it will always go where the most money is, and this is consoles. It will turn into a console kiddie game. Wait for it


unfortunately you are right, water flows downhill, business goes toward the money.


well this forums are pretty dead, if i post a rant like that anywhere else i catch a lot more flak than i do here. noone is against what i said? you guys probably cant type with your controllers it seems or does everyone agree with me?

i have to admit i am too passionate about the game, however i talk to a steam friend of mine, he has even more hours in game than i do, and he say i should wait for the first patches before i rant like that. i always think if there is something to say, better say it now cause later it may be too late already.
anyways, he is probably right i can still rant after the first 2 patches if nothing else. lets see how this turns out and where this is going, if its going anywhere at all.

In my case silnce is more golden than consentual. I'm holding my horses for now. However if I were to write a review now it would be a negative one.

It was a ready game so releasing it with some achievements and few new trucks was a joke. Don't get me wrong I liked them, had some fun while doing as I don't have too much time ATM for playing longer sesions. Well not that I could if I had .. my multiplayer is utter shit at present. So the game as for PC was released just on the occasion of releasing console port and I can't call it even spintire 1.5 it's more like 1.1 If you consider gains over loses. That's my impression.

new trucks - people have created thousands of them...
cockpit view - some modders have done that loooong time ago

What is more, modders have created

  • tracked vehicles
  • lights synchronisation!
  • boats
  • mods allowing to tweak a lot of parameters

Where is that implemented, boats - I don't need them but tracked vehicles or lights synch, por favor..

The new game as for me should have been released with at least two more maps. We got none. The multiplayer part should have been thoroughly tested before. It apparently wasn't

What is more, the devs (let's call them this way) have created wonderful pumpkins and glowing meadows, why not glowing butterflies next time? Chasing mosquitos? New achievement mosquito killer would activate if you have over 1000 dead mosquitos on your hood/bonnet. Again don't get me wrong I like achivements but... they should never be core of the update.

I have the feeling that the devs don't want to give us what we want and don't want to make this game the best mud logging simulator ever for the sake of income - the income coming from:

  • people having very old PCs
  • console players
  • lame kids crying when they can't drive in any other manner than putting that pedal to the floor
  • and many more

And don't get me wrong again, I don't say they don't deserve playing this game, they do. But this should not be the case for sacrificing or even wasting the potential there is.

I do realise what is going on now in games market, "consolisation" I call it, it is visible everywhere and it is overwhelming, indeed. You can feel straight away after looking even at the menus for many games that they are designed for consoles and ported to PCs or created in the way that console limitations create restriciotns for the PC.

You can also se that in the levels nomencature, there are no easy settings in the menus, it's "normal" and "realistic" well just in case not to offend anyone so that they don't feel useless while not being able to cope even with easy... It was very cheeky to call the other more "hardcore" in MR... well TBH this should be "normal". The casual should be called sunday driver and we should have something more hardcore to it maybe.

Someone has recently posted an article about Ubisoft and their console market. The best of the worst, buggisoft, downgrading every game they have...

So I do wait, as I mentioned, I am old, I've learnt to wait, having some hope to see this game going some really good direction.

Let's give 'em some time to put the "munies" they've earned on console casuals to a good use.

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