Long log trailer cramp :)

My trailer got persistent cramp!

No matter how many times I tried to fold and unfold this trailer by advanced menu and also driving forward while unfolding. Nothing helped. Even using near crane to push it from above! 🙂


I put 2 long logs onto trailer and still that cramp persisted!

I tried to fill trailer but one log had red circle meaning it will not allow me to fill the trailer. I drove back and forth to see if I can possition it for filling.
All that in vain.

I decided to drove with it like this.
No game restart helped on this cramp!

I got on flat road and decided to try again. Cramp was still there but both logs had green circle so I clicked fill load and BOOM cramp is gone! 🙂

PC user (master race! 😃 )
g29 main in game controller with xbox360 mounted near it for camera control and crane operations.
g13 gaming keyboard. Other peripherals seen by game but not use at all.
Mouse for menus, advanced mode etc.

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I have the exact same problem sometimes.

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