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no crashes, no errors (bar the occasional file mismatch when joining MP games), no graphical artefacts, no missing textures, and everything set to maximum, and even after playing for over 10h on multiple maps in both SP and MP the highest RAM use of mudrunner has been just shy of 1.3GB, most of the time it stays around >900MB <1.1GB of RAM use, all of which is within the lowest limits of 32bit RAM use.

so you may want to look at your OS settings and that of your hardware before thinking a lack of 64bit exe is the cause thus the fix.

to clarify, my total time playing is over 50 hours, the 10h I am referring is the amount of time playing mudrunner without restarting MudRunner.exe, being the time you would expect the greatest RAM use and potential for errors to have occurred like memory leaks etc.

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Have to agree with b101uk. Have not had a single problem after 20+ hours of both single and multiplayer.

I can confirm. Thera are a lot of annoyances but no crashes or any texture problems whatsoever.

Hmm I also had no CTD yet?
I have similar specs.

Mobo MSI MS7760
GTX 1060 3GB
i7 3820
PSU Tagan 600w
16GB ram

Game runs fluent and besides some game bugs I had no problems with game. I hope that will stay the same untill first patch.

I've also had no problems what so ever. Runs perfect. You obviously need to fix your PC if you having all those problems.

Not realy consoles should have it worse because consoles only HAVE 512MB ram but use it very efficiantly
unlike pc where you have a bunch of stuff running in backgroud also sharing ram
And are you considering possible bottle necks in the system and then consoles such as Xbox 1 i know as a fact use Power pc cpu arcitecture not X86 like pcs not sure about play station but both consoles have 512mb ram

from your freindly neigborhood PCMR guy
but then again i dont really have these issues because my rig is more than a avreage pcmr rig my system is a duel xeon cpu system each cpu having 22 cores 44 threads x2=44 cores 88 threads
256gb ram
100tb hdd
2 gtx 1080ti sli
duel socket cpu socket server mobo
1400w psu

do i need to go into more detail and have you cleaned the dust out of your tower and are you useing the stock heatsink dust can cause thermal throtteling and can short mother board traces cause sytem crashes and stock heat sink cause thermal throtteling

and how about trying UNISTALL REINSTALL

Oh my &&%^@#&$^ I just had first CTD!

I am so pissed off!!!! It was on downhil map and I played for so freaking long! I did one full objective and last one in the corner of the map just needed 2 points!!! I was about 200m away!
Save game is corrupted!

That was *^$%&@# nasty! DAMN whole progress lost! I am pissed off!!!!

this is why we use ECC ram and raid

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