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@sodoma lol, he is a big fella ain't he? lol

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Me and Kraz 😎

nice am diggin the shirt. 👍🏽

Yep - that Kraz is REALLY BIG BEAST! 😮


@8up-local - hehe good eye bro! 😉 I made this "Spintires" tshirt a few years ago for me and few my friends 😉

Look how our czech truck Praga V3S is small near Kraz 😃
in game it looks ( correct ) so:

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And btw i made some improvements on Tatra 813 😉 😃
3_1537864697200_20180925101721_1.jpg 2_1537864697200_20180925102219_1.jpg 1_1537864697200_tatra set.jpg 0_1537864697200_tatra set2.jpg

3_1537864725287_20180925085004_1.jpg 2_1537864725287_20180925090042_1.jpg 1_1537864725287_20180925090241_1.jpg 0_1537864725287_20180925090732_1.jpg

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And btw i made some improvements on Tatra 813 😉 😃
1_1537864697200_tatra set.jpg

very cool and great job. will be checking this out when i get the chance for sure. thank you for updating the Tatra. 😉

off topic: i will admit i about jumped the gun when i saw the image with the 813 TP, maybe one of these days. lol

Some winter snow fun with my Vitara 😉

Youtube Video

And some other stuff ...:
Hurray - i finished my uboot diorama "Periscope depth!" U-998 VIIC/41 1:350 in resin sea .... enjoy 😉
Youtube Video


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Looks like a blast dude! Ronny Dahl would have a fit about the recovery strap looped around that tow ball though... lol