PC multiplayer is garbage
  • The server uses a different version of map seashore please sync by manually copy STG file...WHAT?
  • Unable to load level ISLAND. files are either broken/missing or an old version...what?

Another issue, after starting a multiplayer game (when it works) half or even all the players are gone. I don't know if their game crashed with the above problems or what?

Welcome to MUDRUNNER... I have it all the time, can't play almost any decent game..

Strange Island is the second one? I had no problem to play it with my dad on Hardcore.

@bigb73 You are the server BTW. And due to the loss of Players you should check your Internet.
Did u try a error check via Steam?

I had 2 times an error that the version of the map was not the same. it happened when my friend was disconnected and trying to reconnect. I managed to get around the problem by restarting the game and steam.

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Hello, sorry to hear that you had issue in multiplayer.

For the STG issue, make sure all the players restart their game and try again. It should solve the issue.

Of course, we're working on a bug fix update to fix these issues as soon as possible.

Have a nice day!

If it doesnt work by restarting go into C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\SpinTires MudRunner\UserSaves and delete _multiplayer.sts and try again (everyone in the lobby needs to do this) only had the problem in friends only lobbies so far but it have worked everytime!

@uller31 That's the fix recommended on VK and it supposedly works.

Lame. So start a game, wait for ppl to join. Tell them, wait, leave delete the bla bla bla file then come back. Hopefully you will find my server again.

Moments later...

Go back in the game. Start multiplayer again. Oh shit new ppl joined. Hey guys we have to leave, then delete that bla bla shit file. Rinse repeat never get a chance to play! Fix this! Its been a week now!

@bigb73 instantly starts bashing a game that was just released and has yet to get it's first update. ever hear of the word patience?

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Really? Cmon man. You mean to tell me this wasnt noticed during testing?? We all had patients from September when his game was announced. Did you not read my post? Hey dont bash me man. You didnt pay ME money!

You want to see bashing? Go to the steam forums (where the game was purchased) where the developers never even go to answer people's questions and comments.

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