Editor Material issues.

Trying new materials but I cannot get it to do what I want.

I have the base grass and dirt material named "mtrl_base.tga"

If I choose "rock slope" where "dirt" was in the options and paint it, the whole map is covered in it. I am using 60% (so it goes to "dirt" and not under 50% to "grass" with Autofade/Random off. What am I doing wrong?

I have this trouble since the original game and I cannot make sense of the materials.. Either the whole map ground is covered or it does it in squares, not where my brush is painting like it does for the mud, and distributions.

Image: https://i.imgur.com/HbBUqT0.jpg

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You have to mask the squares, when you make a new terrain you need to make a new mtrl_ something like mtrl_forrest.tga and then you select opacity with 50+ select the squares you want to change. they will change a different color.

and remember you can always check the old tutorials, it's still basically the same editor.

.05 in neutral
above 0.5 is add
below 0.5 is take away
if that makes sense

It's not working Kent.

The base grass and dirt work, but trying to use the brush on slope just covers whole squares, NOT the size of my brush..

I am also having this problem, I can paint Dirt accurately from which brush I create, but any Opacity choice made just does the whole square.

Should clarify by "slope" I mean the rock slope material.

Got the same problem here.

Need a better capturing software but here, hope this helps a bit.
Youtube Video

if I have time tomorrow I might make a proper tutorial on how to do this.

Also remember, the old tutorials also work, this is basically an update for the old editor.

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I need to start making me some MR maps... 🙂

How hard could it be?
- Jeremy Clarkson

Deleted that other video, here is a better Tutorial on how the materials work.

Youtube Video

Thank you for the tutorial, I learned more in that 4 1/2 minutes than I expected. Now I'm off to play with the map editor... 🙂

Thank you 😃

I commented on the video but here again: Thank you 😃

@kent_bobo DUDE THANK YOU...
Im having rock slope issues, therock slope wont show up at all, any ideas?

What do you mean by rockslope? Can you provide an image?

You mean the rock material?

Make a new material, select rock as "dirt" put opacity to 60, select a terrain square, then use the "grass" material to scrub out what you don't want.

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Hmm what do you mean it does not show up? In the materials list or when you try to apply it?
if when applying what shows up? and what is the other materiel?

@Digital-X Yes he is talking about the rock slope material.

Ill make a post about my issue so others can search it up.