Modding on console, please read, its not what you think

How does one go about modding on pc and the games that have modding on Xbox? Could someone give me details? Like, do you have to have a computer? Then a thumb drive to upload?

Then as far as Mods , how much do you need to know about coding? Is this something a "normal" person could do? Do you take a game file of a certain vehicle and rewrite it or can someone give me a vague example of a step by step without specifics to do your own mods?

While I have your attention, should mods ever be on console, would it be possible for someone to make a replica of my truck with some requests into the game? Or maybe I could learn and do it my self? If needed, if the time comes, ill pay someone lol..

Thank you for your time and answers.

PC is all you need and yes you can do it without a IT graduation.

1: google some examples of modding for ST / MR
2: try to mod on your own (do a model write the code)
3: emulate an xBox, install the Game and find the file u have to replace.

Ok thanks. That helps a little.

If I'm not able to, could someone mod based on a picture of something? Or something more complex needed?

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