Tattoo - Higher resolution rock textures

I would just take the 3 folders, classes, meshes and textures from the set I wanna try and drop them into the editor/media folder. The _m and _t folders were there before we got map support. So them are kinda useless now.

@joridiculous, no, it only works in the newest version of the editor along with undo. Yeah, I dunno what the .707 is but that's what works so we gotta go with that. Atleast it works now because that makes things a lot easier now.

@tattoo very nice tat the wall looks good man

Here's some rocks and a cliff I found on
There are 21 different rocks, in all, and 2 versions of the cliff, mirrored.

Tattoo's Rock Pack 1





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Nice Man! ill be checking these out when I jump back on....Thanks For Sharing.

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@tattoo They look awesome. Thx man.

Thanks for sharing Tattoo.

@tattoo- thank you for the rocks! great find. Rufus

Thanks man for this rocks .

Here's some more rocks and a cliff I found on and
There are 26 different rocks in all, 1 cliff mirrored, 1 large rock mirrored
and 1 rubble pile mirrored. There's also a Tomb that I found on

Tattoo's Rock Pack 2




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@Tattoo , Thanks a lot bro , u rock !!! 👍 👍 👍 ☺ ☺ ☺

@smaronenine @FearWheels @Fatboy @rufus @niccan69 @FOR-JAKARTA,

Thank you all and hope you find them useful. I kept all the rocks a little bigger than the blue uaz for reference. I was told it's better to have them bigger and scale down rather than up so that's why they're bigger. From what I tried, I was able to scale them down quite small so it should be good. You can scale down more than once in the editor to make em as small as you like.

I reworked a bunch of the textures because they were too bright in the editor on my flat map, which is good that it shows how they are when it's bright on the map. The texture on the big rocks that you can drive thru kinda suck and need reworking but since I'm red/green colorblind, it's hard for me to tell exactly how good the colors look. I'll see what I can do with it when I get more time. If anyone is good at textures and would want to help with the textures that need work, let me know and I can send you the originals. All textures were resized down to 1024x1024 to help with memory problems.

Most of the rocks are under 3000 poly/triangles but some were up there like the cliffs. I just used pro-optimize, I think it's called, to lower the polys on them. They didn't lose too much detail from it either and I got them under 10k polys. There were only a few so they won't bogg down your systems.

I also have like 15-20 more to do, just from what I found on so there will be more coming soon. I'll get them out as soon as I can so you all will have many rocks to chose from since there aren't many now. I know they're not exactly perfect but it's what I found and hope that they will suffice.

Lastly, if anyone wants to send any of my mods to other web sites, by all means go for it. The more people that see these, the more people that will be able to use them. I actually like it when other sites host my stuff because everyone don't come in here. Thanks y'all. I also have some other map objects I made myself that I'll be releasing very soon. If ya have any ideas on something you need or like, let me know and I'll see if I can make it for ya, time permitted.

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Thanks for sharing is great to have some new assets to work with.☺

@Tattoo : Thanks again for sharing the beautiful rocks and gearbox Tattoo, I'll send some pics using your rocks later ! ☺ 👍

@tattoo Nice work, man!
It's really nice to see, that somebody is ready to share his objects with rest of community! I hope for more people like you.
Are you just into rocks, or may I hope for some broken concrete blocks and such? I love maps with sceneries of abandoned settlements...😇