Tattoo - Higher resolution rock textures

@sodoma, Right now just rocks but will do others when time permits.



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@Tattoo is definitely a model-making machine these days and it's awesome to see some new stuff for maps, Thanks Again Man.

@tattoo Absolutely perfect. I have been trying to change the texture on I find the painted white rock is stupid looking and ugly. Spent a few hours on it, but unfortunately anything I did ended up looking worse. So gave up on it, and moved on. I believe it's not a easy one to get right.

Here's another set I found on This was a scene for Unity 5.
There are some very large cliffs, some smaller rocks and a cave.
I've included the original readme.pdf as well.

There are 2 sets of stuff named with RHE and MRL.
There is also a lite and dark folders texture set for a few of the models.
They are in the textures/models folder.

Tattoo's Rock Pack 3



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Awesome bro ☺ ☺ u the man !!!

@for-jakarta, Why is your gearbox texture messed up in the screenshots? No one has said anything about that. Did you change something on it?

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@Tattoo : Yea i did changed the textures to black and green , just wanna make looks different lol . 😁 😁

@for-jakarta I was just about to ask you the same thing Tat just did lol.
@Tattoo and another big thanks to you for all the models you been releasing out to the community!

I'm glad ya'll can use them. I know they're not the greatest but atleast now ya'll have something to work with.

Here's a shot of the next set I'm working on. This is how a lot of them looked in the editor before I toned down the textures so they're not so bright.

alt text

Just wanted to give ya'll an idea of what I've been having to do with them. Not all but a bunch of them were like this. I still have a few more to process tho. Some come without textures so I'm gonna try my hand at making them. We'll see how it goes.

Very nice! I was itching for more models and more rocks is very welcome.

thank you Tattoo for your hard work on all the new models you've presented to the community! And your willingness to share them, is huge! RUFUS

Here's a set of 10 Banners I made. This was originally SmarOneNine's idea but I made more for others to use too.

I also included my working image named Tat_Banner.psd so anyone can make a new banner if they like.
Just copy/paste/rename the .x and .xml files for the new banner.

When placing in a map, it's best to right click and select 'Do Land' to hide the center block. The center block is there because I made them like a fence so they break apart when run over and I had to have that there. I also made the poles a bit longer in case they're placed on a hill. I hope I made them long enuf.

Tattoo's Banners


Missing so much while I've been away from Mudrunner, but this is gonna give me the itch again for sure! Fantastic stuff @Tattoo , can't wait to try these out! Thanks so much for your hard work here! 🙂

sorry to go off topic but....@mexican_420 Welcome back Mexican!

@tattoo This is a dope banners Tattoo !! Thank u very much ☺ ☺ 👍 👍

@tattoo Thx for making it easy peasy to make are own signs. Don't let this go to your head, but I think your perfect.🤘🏻 Thx again bro.


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Thanks, I appreciate the compliments and am glad ya'll like em but I'm far from perfect. lol

I like the banners you made, Fear. Here's how I make mine look bowed in the middle. I hope it helps.

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