Looking for suggestions to straigten my wheels

I think a little tree got stucked and now my wheels are like 90 degrees rotated. I tried to flip the truck but didn't help, repairing didn't help as well. Maybe one of you guys have a suggestion I can try. I'm playing this map for so many hours and can finish it also without this one but I like to be able to drive it around again 🙂

alt text

For the future: don't use 960* steering wheel 😛
But I am afraid this vehicle is FUBAR in this session.

@mistahk76 haha 🙂 I was pulling this truck somewhere around a tree not paying attention and then it happens. It can still drive like a crab 🙂 but the wheels flip sometimes 180 so forward gets reversed etc. So guess you're right about the FUBAR part 🙂

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