Where Is The Fix For Multiplayer ?

Ive waited and waited its been about 6 days now and still not one update or fix from the mudrunner team .
I thought this game was going to be updated and had a future ?
We were told that this game would not be a repeat of the last one .
I understand things take time but is there any news anything on when the fix will come ?

Agree with me or not i am sure everyone here is waiting for this patch/fix

I am not paying for a game that is broken and gets more broken the more you play it .

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Patch coming soon.

They just need to work on the PR for this game...

Community Manager

Hi, sorry to hear that you encountered technical issues. We're actively working on a bug fix update to fix the most urgent technical issues, including the multiplayer ones. We'll give you an ETA as soon as possible.

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