For all you Consoleros out there ...

... please stop asking for mods. We are one freaking week in and you look spoiled as shit.

Stop blaming Pavel, Focus and Saber for not pulling mods out of there ... just to please you.
PC Modders started alone on implementing Vehicles, Maps and Structures in to the Game.
(For the same reason like you.)
All you are doing is just saying "I want" or "without mods the Game is dead", try it yourself.
Create a mod and show the world that jou are good for something, publish a tutorial on it.

Why did you buy the game for console in the first way?
Did someone told you there will be mods right at release, one week after or at all?
I dont think so.

This should solve the problem:

  • Get started
  • Read the Forum
  • Watch tutorials how to
  • Emulate your console on a PC
  • Ask for Help not mods (some are trying already and I hope they suceed)
  • Find the files and change them (I bet a Modder is willing to give you a dummie* for test reasons)


  • Deal with it
  • Be patient
  • Get a version for PC

I personally am tired of reading the same garbage/complainings every single day.
Ranting about it will in no way make the Situation better for anybody.

Thats all I have to say! Thanks

*non specific model

I agree with this totally. Modding is usually community led and the Dev team are working hard on getting a solid game released. They have already provided modding tools to support the community and help us create mods.

Filling this forum with questions about when mods will be released for Consoles is not useful, and is frustrating. Personally I sold my Xbox One and invested the cash into a decent PC upgrade. I have never looked back.

Please take time to research before asking for a free meal and everything on day 1.

As I understood it with the fallout community when mods came to console they first had to be ported from PC...
So please don't tick off those that can mod. Many of us good guys with consoles will be sad if the guys that mod don't want to share their mods freely.
Thank you.

@crunky-trunks said in For all you Consoleros out there ...:

So please don't tick off those that can mod. Many of us good guys with consoles will be sad if the guys that mod don't want to share their mods freely.
Thank you.


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I’m tired of pc guys talking about/to console guys like they are the fucking scum of the earth. Who cares that some play console and some play pc. I’m sure everyone knows that the possibilities on a pc compared to console are sky-high. And just because a pc guy says “just invest in a pc” doesn’t mean someone with a console can. Some are poor, some don’t give a shit about investing in a pc, some won’t want the headache of trying to learn how to operate a pc, some just plain like the friendliness of console gaming.
While I do agree that people need to stop asking for mods or dlc on console so soon into release, the pc guys also need to understand that many console players want this game for the “way they saw it played on YouTube”. And for whatever reason can’t or won’t buy a pc. Which is nobody’s business or concern but that individual.
I guess what I’m trying to get across here is that we are all gamers... pc or console players... instead of bitching and complaining at those console guys for wanting something and basically saying shut up, how bout educate them in a way that you’d educate a fellow pc player (in any given subject).


Apparently, you did not bother to read the text, nor did you bother using your brain when composing your message, and in this case you made yourself the victim of your own allegations. applause

I have not said any word Consoleros would be scum, I have not even said that these mod beggar would be scum.
I just wrote that which begs they should better try it themself.

Oh wow, I want something because YouTube!
In what miserable direction is our society moving?

I'll tell you a secret:
You also received what you saw in the videos.
NEVER was told that you get mods. (Is on the shop page at the bottom of the list: for the PC)
Why are people even asking for mods? At first we could need Maps (challanging, bigger, more chaotic) and not just some fully OP vehicles. You guys are allready saining it was to easy and bla bla.

Enclosed for exactly you Dude: Gamer is for me gamer, whether PC or Console. Crybaby is Crybaby, whether PC or Console.

wasn’t directed directly at you my bad. Should have posted in a different discussion. Was just simply saying I see so many pc guys downgrade others just for being console guys.

And I’m perfectly happy with the game as it is on console and how it is on pc... your pretty quick to jump down someone’s throat. I did read what you said. I never said you said console players were scum. It was an expression of words my friend. I didn’t come here for an argument. Was just expressing that I think pc players should lighten up on those console guys.

We're all painting with broad strokes, my friend.
I personally game on both PC as well as console, and I was by no means trying to throw shade on console players as a whole.
I was, however, attempting to do just what you suggested. Those who take the time to do a little bit of research are at least aware of how much time, effort and dedication it takes to make these mods in the first place and I have ultimate respect for these guys (and girls too) who spend their own precious time and energy doing this for the community with no remuneration whatsoever aside from the gratitude of said community.
What we have issue with is the ones (and yes, there are PC players who are just as guilty) who simply do not take the time to educate themselves about the matter before posting "I want I want I want..."
Even after this thread, and I'm sure many others, being bumped again and again, there are still dotards crying about it almost daily...
For the sake of comparison/analogy, it's that same mindset that would berate their mechanic friend for taking a couple of days to repaint their car even if the guy is doing it for them as a favor instead of just sending them off to get raped by the local bigbox body shop instead. The mechanic friend knows full well that a complete repaint takes more than a couple of days to do properly and would be entirely justified in telling the oblivious friend, who ignorantly figures it should be a 2hour job, to go pound sand the next time he wants a car repainted...
Our ask is simply that; if you don't know what's involved with the process of creating and maintaining these mods on PC or console, either educate yourself and factor that knowledge into your posts, or go sit in the corner and sip a tall frosty glass of STFU...

consoles are objectively inferior and are a force on the market that continues to perpetuate mediocrity in the industry. it's nothing personal, but sony and microft can both takes a triple swandive off the nearest cliff.

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Hi all,

I've already removed one person from this thread for breaking forum rules. Please talk respectfully to each other here, and try and stay away from personal attacks.

As this thread has run its course, I'll be locking it.


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