Did "Tracks" Option disappear from Mud?

Hi there,

I am laying down some mud and can't find the option to lay "Tracks" in the mud.
What I am trying to do is different from "Dirt Road" overlay.

Has this been removed? Or has it not yet made it into the Mud Runners Editor?


Yeah tracks and height seem to be gone from mud. I use automatic mud at 55 and 1.4 size to make tracks.

Gutted. Height, I don't miss, "Tracks" however I feel is essential, as it gave a certain direction, history and grip points to the mud roads. I hope it makes a return soon.

Thanks for the pointer on 55 / 1.4 for tracks, will give it a shot.


I found that putting an Overlay "Grass Road", or Dirt Road 1st gives you a guide for applying the mud tracks as recommended by @Kent_BoBo

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