Is it worth it?

I’ve been thinking about getting mudrunner, I would like your opinions, is it worth the 40$ USD (Xbox One) or should I wait for a significant price drop? (Possibly around Black Friday)

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Depends on what type of person you are I guess. To me it's well worth the money. Just know what you're buying. You're not buying a 70 dollar game that's bloated and takes up a 5th of your hard drive. Know the limitations of the game and what to expect.
Like I said, I'm completely enjoying the game. Sure, I've already so called " beat " the game... But I got the game for the sandbox and driving simulator that it's trying to be.

Best thing I can say is watch some vids that pertain to your particular game system. If you're on console don't expect or demand mods three days into release because chances are you're gonna be disappointed.

As crunky trunks says, it depends a lot on what type of person you are. A review I read described this as "more of a puzzle game than a driving game" and I think in a lot of ways this is true - expect to spend a lot of time looking at the map and wondering which truck is best-placed to yank over the one you just rolled, and not so much time zooming around corners.

I've done a bit of off-roading in real life and quite a lot of circuit racing, and this is the most fun driving game I've ever played. The physics are just so right that it's truly enjoyable plugging along at 5mph.

It depends a lot, though, on what you like. I'd watch it for ten minutes on Twitch and then decide.

I tried spintires on my pc not long ago I have been looking for games like this for years. Was worth every penny to me. Did lots of missing in my younger years physics are pretty close to the real this best driving game I have bought. If your looking to fly around racing this is probably not what you want.

Thx for the input, I have Xbox one, Forza 6, Rocket league, lego worlds, Minecraft, and I had a farming simulator on the 360 that I had lots fun with. As you can see I like vehicles and open sandbox worlds. I first seen the original spintires on sale a while back and I thought it looked pretty awesome but my PC is a potato so I ended up not getting it, then I couple months later I found out that mudrunner was coming to Consoles. Thx to everyones input I’m going to wait till Black Friday and see if it has a price drop but even if it doesn’t I’ll problably still end up getting it.

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