Where can I find Vehicle Statistics?

I cannot for the life of me find anywhere in game or online any sort of page that shows basic stats of the trucks. How do I know which truck is better than which? I find it very annoying that I am just guessing at it.

Overall, I am a little disappointed that Mud Runner is so similar to the original. It feels more like an update to the game, or maybe at most DLC. It's definitely not different enough to be a separate game in my opinion.

Basically my mind thinks the same. You should be able to compare the trucks in game and/or on the website to see all the stats and add on options. Yet the way the physics is implemented at the moment probably doesn't allow that. Because there are no real KPH or HP stats as this is all "faked" by the game. That's why we don't have rear rpm/speed gauges. Yet even simple cards with some bars which tou could compare would be nice.

Regarding the game.. unfortunately it is. I was expecting a bit more... at least some gaming without problems but the whole MP on PC is a total flop. Also the majority of the changes is cosmetic and there is probably as much taken from the game as given. I my humble opinion their main goal was to get on the console matket to grab more money. Why I do understand that move it ** should not have been* done by the cost of PC players. I am waiting patiently as this was my idea from the beginning. To get ot and give them some time. I only hope they won't disappoint us with the first patch. Personally I think the new game should have come with at least 2 new maps.. but... again let's see

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@mistahk76 Yes, it looks like all the effort and money was spent on the console port.

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