Advanced League Management Money Roll Bug

When you edit the money of a match that has been concluded (but not validated), removing a money roll from both teams and replacing them with different results adds the new edited results to the previous results (even though they are removed in the advanced interface).

I first noticed this when I tried to edit the results where a player crashed at the end of a match and auto-conceded.

Since then, I’ve replicated this bug three times, so it seems consistent.

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Focus Team

Hello, thanks for the report, I can't manage to reproduce it on my side.
On what platform do you play? Which kind of competition? Standard multiplayer match or against an AI team?



Okay, I checked with the other teams, and tried a couple more times, and it’s not adding the money (that was inducement cash I failed to take into account), but rather, it is failing to accept an edited money roll (ie. it always uses the original money roll, and removing/adding a different amount is ignored).

This is on PC, in a standard round-robin competition (only setting changed is to invitation-only).

I’m editing after a game, but before validation, using the advanced menu. It accepts all other edits (extra touchdowns, for instance), though interestingly, those don’t show up in the match summary (under SPP, for instance).

Would you like to have more info @Focus_Guillaume ? we are experiencing this in our Rebbl divisions as well

Focus Team

I think I have all I need on my side, I would be interested however if you have a case where the edited money was well taken in account on an already played match!

We can keep an eye open, but we rarely have to admin played games, only the unplayed ones, @Focus_Guillaume


we are experiencing the same bug.

PC platforms via Steam.

We HAVE had success in editing the rolled scores for matches played in BB2.

What we are experiencing is manually entering ALL data for a match in a round robin tournament. We have three tabletop players in this league competition, so when a tabletop match is played, we record all relevant info and input it into the advanced management area.

The rewards are causing us a lot of strife. We had one instance where it seems the coaches received the opposite amounts of what they should have (they swapped winnings). A record of this with screenshots can be found here:

[](link url)

And there also seems to be an issue with how fan factor is or is not awarded in the above situation to the human team.

Then a week later we had a similar incident, but the results I entered seemed to add to what had been there already. Screen shots can be seen here:

[](link url)

Furthermore, it seems that all entered data does not show up on the SPP screen of the match once it has been validated, yet all information is updated for each team.

Some helpful features to take into consideration for hybrid leagues:

  1. Create a "tabletop entry" option for the validation popup screen. Currently a commissioner can choose between Draw, Concede, home team win, visitor win, etc.

  2. In the tabletop entry advanced management options, there will need to be a FAME option to set. Tabletop matches roll for FAME, and this affects match winnings. Currently there is no way to set this option.

  3. OR just allow commissioners to award or subtract from any team's treasury at will (not necessarily via advanced management). This could be a "hot fix" option for the above issues.

  4. Separate issue: for custom teams allow an option to have some gold in the treasury after creation. Currently, if a new custom team is created for a league that sets a 1 million cap for that team's creation, and this custom team does not use all 1 million, there is no way to recover the "lost" money.

  5. Separate issue: for league competitions, create an option to use tabletop stats vs. BB2 stats. There are a couple instances where things work differently in either platform. Human catchers for instance have different stats and costs. Piling on works differently now in table top.

  6. Separate issue: for league competitions, create an option to nominate 3 MVP players and have the computer select one randomly (this is the procedure in tabletop). Currently the computer chooses anyone from your roster.

  7. Separate issue: for league competitions and tournaments, allow for a reward to be granted to a team by the commissioner. In tabletop, death zone season 1, whomever possesses the league trophy for the year is allowed an additional reroll that does not contribute to their TV.

Thanks for your time! We really hope the match rewards issue is fixed soon as it is somewhat of a hamstring issue for our league.

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