Announcing Spintires: MudRunner's First Bug-Fixing Update
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Hi all!

It's been a week since Spintires: MudRunner launched, and we are very glad that so many of you are enjoying the game! Thank you for your support!

We’re happy to announce that we’re currently at work on a first bug fix update for the game, fixing some of the technical issues reported on forums and social networks. This first update should arrive shortly, followed in a few weeks by a much bigger patch, including some items that the community have been requesting. We don’t yet know what exactly will be in this major update, but amongst other things, it will include various tweaks and bug fixes.

We'll give you more visibility on updates release date as soon as we can. Please continue to give us your feedback so that we can together continue to make Spintires: MudRunner the best game it can be.

Saber Interactive & Focus Home Interactive


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Nice, thanks!

когда будут исправлены ошибки с редактором карт?

Week after release. What to say, just thank you! I am happy bunny.

very good news, but will be interesting to see just what this update includes.

Will the sandbox map come with the bigger patch in a few weeks?

Needs working mirrors in first person mode

@darren_woloshyn said in Announcing Spintires: MudRunner's First Bug-Fixing Update:

Needs working mirrors in first person mode

I hope this will be part of a later update. (mirrors are no technical issue)
I asume they are working on Multiplayer problems, glitches and balancing first.

@BlueBirde What wrong with ProvingGround? (Im not using it at all)

@silenttackover Those comments will be the reason why they will never appear. (Mods are NO technical issue)

@Iyagovos whats about a chnagelog?

They see me rollin
They hatin
Tryin to catch me ridin' dirty ^^


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Stupid and spoiled

wheel support for PS4 would be excellent!!

This has been long waited for me i almost bought a pc just to play it. Do you think we could get a winch that works on both ends at the same time? Also to be able to view your friends when driving that'll be huge,nothing like watching you buddy turn over,lol. Thanks guys the game as always is amazing and fun.

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Yep! Once we actually have an update for you, there will of course be a changelog 🙂

The game is wonderfull... Tks a lot to migrate to XONE. Please, we need a "normal" camera movement, like GTA and other car games... More distant and looking the truck... Tks!!!! 😄

please add Ansel (nvidia) and wheels

I just wanna thank the developer team at Saber Interactive and the publisher Focus Home Interactive for making and improving this amazing unique game come back to life as well as listening to our feedback from the consumers like us, that love and support this game. You guys are truly awesome and deserve all the support! Unlike "Oovee Game Studios aka money grabbers" i'm happy and glad you guys took over. Now Spintires Mudrunner will truly shine!

@checkmypixel Yeah its funny how they only answers some questions.😑

What about wheel support?

This is awesome news, thank you !!!

~Hello team,
Mudrunner is good but when i play with a friend during the night, i dont see his headlight...and when my friend passe by me I dont hear his engine of his truck. I hear the bird song... its not very realistic.

Goodbye team and continue to update the game!!!

Tire tracks being synced across players would be cool, but actually it wouldn't. I've made some really deep trenches in a mud hole with the K700 that my buddy in the 256 wouldn't be proud of lol

people wishing and wanting this or that, how about we focus on the things the game is needing first, then we can move onto these things that are just "wanted features".

@8up-local That's the question. Why? Why for three years still no normal camera, there were billions of requests for it. Btw, why the camera on roof was removed? I liked it! 😞
And I do not understand why the game is becoming more arcade, instead of realistic. This worries me.

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@knight25 It's hard to tell at this point where the game is going in direction. Focus is doing a decent job of keeping the public informed about whats going on.

On a whole the game is great. I didn't like the camera at first but have gotten use to it very quickly. However I can see how some might want a more traditional camera view. Maybe an option to toggle back and forth? Other than that the only changes I'd want to see are minor. When in co-op it would feel more emersive if I could see my friends lights at night as well as hear their vehicle working and hear it interact with the environment (breaking branches, hitting trees, going through water etc.) Also would be nice to be able to hook more than two vehicles together with the winches. Either two vehicles to one on the front or back as well as connect them tandem. I've had a few instances where it would have been nice to be able to hook one vehicle to a tree in the front and then to a vehicle in the back.

Other than that we love this game. I'm hoping some time in the future some DLC content will be available with more vehicles and maps. Thanks for a great game.

I noticed a c. 250 mb update dropped on Steam, would love to know what was in it.
Keep up the good work!

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