Terrain Grass = Movement Speed 3, Dirt = 4; Modifications

Rain Weather = movement -1, but MP/HP regens,
and monsters glow/berserk. Nightime eyesglow.

Strong winds should enhance combat speed,
what am basically saying is that when the player or monster steps into each terrain type in GreedFall they should be able to feel the change, music alone wont do it, and running at the same speed won't be convincing. So in order to keep things feeling freesh you should add modifiyers that change how the player moves across towns, terrains, and during weather/combat, i noticed alot of games don't have this or use randomizations so things get really flat and repetitive, thats because the walking speed is the same through the whole game, and we know each tarrain is diffeernt from lookingat it, so changing action and combat all together by terrain would make the game more strategic for movement speed to enahnce each terrain.

you could pose a few must have treasure and quest/equipment in tough terrains that benefit the enemy more than the player such as a lake crocodile or sea monster, they should have an advantage when moving across water, but no on land, like they could recover HP in water, and move fast, but when they reach the land, they dont recover anymore.

Movement speed:
Dirt = 1
Grasses = 2
Brick/Concrete = 3

modified by nearby monsters,weather,equipment, or world enhancement.

world predetermined modifiyers set by the gods/land that aid all who travel friend or foe.

the weather also influences.

Should make sense because rainy days make mud, so the walking speed on mud = 3 or 2, making it more convinient to travel on the mud instead of the slippery grass who now has -1 or more tearing,

additionally each monster could pose a global detriment that controls in their domain, but come with beneficial rewards once defeated, like a good sport or challenge. Bonus gil/cash/or items, magicsprites that enhance the winner there after should increase some parameters for set time or offer a passive bonus that can be earned or achiement powerup.

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"glossing over how good you feel", according to the world/companion/or weather/terrain rules the game platteu's around the character providing bonus to DEFENSE, EXPERTISE( movementspeed, LUCK,INT, resistances), and tresure finding when the players and enemies crosses to a new type of texture such as water or grass/dirt they are disrupted with random enhancements such as speed bonuses.

For example: steeping on a grassy flloring or flower patch in a forest would allow the player to recover mana, or enhance their movement speed +2-3, like a multiplyer, when the player changes terrain or encounters a new type of monster, changes area, they are encountered with new variables that keep the players strategic and monsters in control, the enemies should have bonuses to movement speed for inhabiting or remaining on the lands much longer than the players, the players could perhaps gain such said bonuses for staying in a game area or town or terraintype, think like Gilfinder, or Regen. This will always be randomized and enhanced by a governer channel set by default, mission default, and or monster/enemy. Irl entity that should make traveling unmonotonous, and random.

Terrain datasheep as an example of how each color could represent a terrain where the player would move at different speeds, or receive certain enhancements,

for example the redparts the player could recover HP with regen spirit, folk faries and demonflames could erupt in the area, as well as berserk colonist polterguiss, possesing the gunners with evil manjispirits, something of the weathering should octave and randomly change things.

Hi Santos Pizarro,

We thanks you a lot for the huge interest you're having for GreedFall and all the effort your putting into all these suggestions. We advise you to have a look to our previous games, like The Technomancer. You will be able to see the kind of game mechanics we're into and how we like to depict a universe and its consistency.

Thanks again.

I will make the time for techno-mancer, and comeback with more interesting ideas. I'm sure enhancing the terrain and weathers with different mathematical enhancements or values would make gameplay less boring in the long run, mostly randomization in player/monster movements through each environmental setting// and weather changes should keep the game feeling fresher than one that doesn't use random variables or mapping, and if enemies should come to death, or contribute with detriments/or enchanting players with stat bonuses that are temporary or treasure hunting bonuses, enhancing and changing through each grass/monster type/or weather the standard movement speeds, as well as in town areas, ambushes, guardians, etc.
I hope am making sense to somebody.

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@santos-pizarro you are totally making sense i assure you, but i think it's best to not expect this level of complexity in the game world for this game in particular. You're more likely to find things of this level in simulators, or detailed open world games perhaps, but this game is not open world.

The complexity you're going to see in this game is probably going to mostly come from the RPG mechanics and the character interactions.

I can't think of anything else to add, other than a few pictures as examples, maybe someone else can gather a new idea or reformulate this post to be more useful for the game's schematic engine, as terrains and movement speeds dont really impress players or are enhanced much through each game area in most games, so am sure even if you apply it to mounts or equipment it should make a difference and find its proper home as a good development decishion that shapes or transforms players emotions through each landscape types or towns just like how music would be uplifting and combat or items enhance or cure. Weather and terrain do and should play some important role in enhancing combat or movement speed that makes choosing where to fight or where to stand a more important or strategic option that could change the outcome for player or foe, since geomancy and magic are popular it shouln't be difficult to add a small amount of modifyers or traps that enhance or decrease parameters, reduce movment speed for example on ice footing, or one that takes a pond, and makes the players or enemies slow down, or switch to a savage or survivalist walking mode, or a dark night where a lamp is required and bugs appear to illuminate the town or caverns.

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