Manual Gears XBOX controller

I would like to be able to shift through the gears manually with a (xbox) controller on PC.

When your're driving at high speed and you need to shift one gear down in order to keep going, with the automatic gearbox you'll probably end up going all the way down to first gear again and lose all momentum. The 1+ gear sometimes is too slow, sometimes too fast. I would just like to be able to put it in second or third gear and leave it there until the engine stalls.

I can see 2 options to make this happen:

  • Like any race game with a controller, press a button to shift up and another button to shift down (casual?)
  • Draw the shift patern (like you have 1, 1+, R and A now) and select a gear with the analog stick (hardcore?)

What do you guys think?

You could also implement in hardcore mode where you click and shift like now with the right stick, but the left stick will pop up with another shifter for individual gears. That sounds plausible.

Это то что нужно!

Need to make controller buttons configurable.

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