X Box One game crashes

I am now on my 3rd game crash/concession, and I wondered if this is a known issue or it's unique to me.

Twice during the game loading screen, the screen freezes, the sound is like a stuck record and then the game crashes and back I go to my home page with a loss.

Once I got to Turn 8, and as I scored (WITH GOBBOS NO LESS) the game went 'strobe' like and as above, the sound went weird and the game crashed.

I appreciate this may be a known issue, and I posted in the support forum but have got no reply, so I thought I would post it here in the hope of getting an answer.

This is super frustrating as it's another concession in the bank that I didn't deserve (I was winning with GOBBOS dammit!) - This will ultimately stop me playing BB2 (which many may not mind to be fair) but surely this kind of unreliability is bad for your product long term.

Love and hugs as always - Calcium

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Thanks for your report. We're aware of the stability issues on consoles and are currently working on an update to make things better. No ETA yet but we're doing our best to release it shortly.

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Cas, the XB1 seems to have issues when you play multiple games in a row. Most of us have resorted to Quitting and Restarting Blood Bowl after each match (mind you, that’s not just going to the Home Screen and resuming Blood Bowl, but rather manually choosing the ‘Quit’ option for Blood Bowl and letting the game fully reboot). Another trick that we learned to detect a possible Crash was to load-up Cabalvision to watch a match before playing because it can crash loading that game in just like it can in your own match, when it is trying to load-up the field and the players...


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There seem to also maybe be an uptick of mid-game crashes since the LE teams were added, but mid-game freezes/crashes seem to rarely occur...

Last night I scored in turn 8 and the Pause showed. Ok I thought went afk and came back still paused. When I cancelled the pause the screen went black the starting new half music and Bob babbling came on but slowly faded into the distance until just a black screen and no sound to be heard. The Xbox menu would open and I could go to home page and back to a black screen. I got already earned SSP and a concede (although open ladder)

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