****** is a possible cheater

Today my Lizard team Dino Bus played in Champion Ladder X with the team of this coach ---> ****** He played as Ogre. His stats was 4-0-0 that was very strange as I know how hard to start with this team. After indusment stage I see strange picture when it was already turn 9 and I couldn't do anything with my players. I relogged from steam and logged back - I see the indusment stage again with 0 seconds and I still couldn't do anything. Have to relogged 2 more times (all the time I see that indusment stage) before I finally could start the regular match. After the end of the match (which I won 1-0 because my opponent was very bad) I checked his matches and 3 matched from the 5 (including my match) was 2-0 wins with the concede of the opponents of *******. Unfortunatelly I didn't record the bug with indusment stage, but it is very high risk that ******* is a cheater. Please, check his matches...

Thank you.

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@sharoplet said in Strider84 is a possible cheater:

Unfortunatelly I didn't record the bug with indusment stage, but it is very high risk that Strider84 is a cheater. Please, check his matches...

I don't see any evidence of cheating in his match records. What I do see is that he tends to scrap teams as soon as they suffer a loss or draw, which explains why the team you met had all wins - its not that he's winning every game, he's just making new teams whenever he loses one. Given how the ranking formula is set up, that's a reasonable strategy for tier 3 teams as it does not take many wins in a row to rank as the top team of those rosters.

Feel free to keep watching his record - if he ends up with 20 concession wins and almost zero losses then you can claim its suspicious, but 3 out of 4 games is not that weird, especially since the ONLY thing ogres can even be said to be passably good at is bashing.

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@Sharoplet Thanks to send your reports on who seems to be cheating to you by private messages to myself and the Champion Ladder admin team of your platform (here for PC).

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