Leagues of BBTactics - Big Crunch 2 and Munch Cup, Little Crunch

BBTactics been a long-time runner of online Blood Bowl leagues, and its no different for Blood Bowl 2. The community is friendly and helpful, coaches of all skill-levels fit right in! Our website also has good articles about everything of blood bowl, from player development to starting line-ups and race analyses.
Check out and join our community here: https://bbtactics.com/forum/

Big Crunch 2 is a longterm league of 9 divisions (10 coaches in each) spread across four tiers, and one season lasts 9 weeks. (match per week rate) Perform well and get promoted to higher tier, and reach the top that is Altdwarf division.
(right now we are in the middle of Season 10)

Another all the time running activity is Munch Cup, here's a brief explanation by Mamutas:
"Munch Competitions are a non-perpetual competitions, made out of consecutively run seasons. Each season participating teams are grouped into the divisions of 6 to 8 teams where they compete in Round Robin format. At the end of the competition, top 2 to 4 teams from each division are invited into Play Offs played in Knock Out format."

BBTactics invites everyone to join the fun. If you are an user of Discord, you can join our Discord server here by following this link: https://discord.gg/aD7QmEh

Regards the sitting president of Big Crunch 2,

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A smallish update on our community.

Member of BBT, Znarx, decided to set up a small little brother league that goes by name "Little Crunch". Familiar structure of different divisions set in tiers, although seasons are short so this makes a brilliant first go at BBT!

All you need to know can be found here:
Introduction to Little Crunch


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